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Balmour - Align

Align by Balmour touches on the hidden thoughts of some in relationships. Listen to “align” now on your favorite streaming service or buy it now align with the align merchandise.

Lyrics (Balmour – Align)

Girl it’s been a bunch of late nights since I seen ya
Sleeping through a couple date nights with the misses
I don’t think I ever crack smiles when I’m with her
Looking outside and the grass still greener
I don’t like her make up
Her face when she wake up
Whenever  when we break up
I’m thinking of you
I hate when she stay up
And rap bout the same stuff
Complaining for days huh
Thats what she into
She don’t walk like you do
Talk like you do
And when I’m fucked up
Don’t play her part like you do
I don’t know how to shake her
It’s so hard to replace ya
I want a vibe like you
But she just not that mood
It something I can’t find
 I’m not trynna be rude, I’m just telling the truth
Can I confide in you
Cuz you’re the one I’d choose
You’re always on my mind
Tell me how to get loose cus I’m falling for you…
And I can’t understand why you’ll never be mine
(Love is a crime)
I Pray every night that the stars will align
(Right vibe, wrong time)
There ain’t no taking your place
(Even if I) It wouldn’t work anyway
(When I see her)girl I be missing your face
Baby are home still
You stay alone still can I come over
You can hit my phone still
Already know the deal, I put it on yaaaa
There is a reason I can always tell you’re coming
And I’ve been trynna get off and you know
I’ve been looking for something new to me
And you’ve been biding your time with who knows
I can’t tell you feeling the vibe
All four times a week we making the bed squeak (
That tension run deep i can’t get her off me
You’re sick of picking the wrong guy I’d guess
Baby I’m willing to try my best
I know you know I got a girl
But I could give you the world
You’ve never matched with a vibe like this
Your guy give you bad vibes
I give you strobe lights coupled with coke eyes
Meet me     under the lowlights
And then you get rounds like it was .45

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